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AOL’s Phoenix Won’t Help AOL Mail Rise from Ashes

03.07.2011 · Posted in yahoo news

AOL email addresses lift subject outlines often: because does this chairman “still” have an AOL address? Are they record challenged? Have they been in a cavern for multiform years?

The AOL code is struggling to right itself after years of near irrelevance. Now comes AOL Mail’s Project Phoenix, so declared because AOL Mail needs to “rise from a ashes” as the mythological Phoenix does when it’s reborn. The bid tries to create what Facebook just introduced, a unified communications heart or apparatus where you can see all your contacts as well as conversations in a singular place.

In sequence to attain it would need to dispense with a AOL domain as well as create a new residence (sort of like YMail to Yahoo Mail) as well as be positively fantastic as a user experience. however, of a dual systems with identical ambitions Facebook’s will likely attain as well as AOL’s will probably not. In a way that’s wise because Facebook is AOL 2.0.

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