If you’re in the process of moving home you know it’s a marathon, not a sprint.  But with the end in sight and so much ground already covered, deciding on a moving day can often be a final stumbling block.  From booking time off work to removal firm availability, choosing the right day of the week can be a lot more complex than first expected.  

Whilst everyone’s move schedule is different, we’ve weighed up the pros and cons of each day so you can decide on the right one for you.  Read on to learn more:



As the first day of the week, Monday is a popular choice when it comes to moving house.  Not only is this thanks to it ‘fresh start’ appeal, but it’s proximity to the weekend allows plenty of time to prepare for moving day.  This makes it an especially good day for those with busy working schedules, as much of the work can be done in advance meaning minimal time taken away from the office.  Monday is also a great choice as all banks, estate agents and legal offices will be back to business after the weekend, meaning any issues have a higher chance of being resolved on the day of your move.


Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

Whilst midweek moves tend to be less popular, they are often seen as a wise choice for those looking to relocate.  This is due to more competitive pricing from removal companies, looking to draw in movers at lower demand times. For those looking to keep costs low, a midweek move might be the ideal solutions as you can take advantage of these reduced fees.  In addition, with greater availability, booking a removal company becomes that much easier, with less organisation in advance needed. 



As the most popular day of the week to move, Friday’s proximity to the weekend allows ample time to get settled in and unpack.  Whilst it doesn’t offer the same preparation time as Monday, it does allow movers to book a single day off work and make the most of an extended weekend.  Plus, getting the move sorted at the end of the week means everything can be done and dusted by the start of a new one, causing minimal disruptions come Monday morning.  

However, due to its popularity and increased demand, Friday can be a difficult day to book a move on.  Many removals companies require bookings far in advance when it comes to Friday moves, with a subsequent surge price increase as a result.  Therefore, for those looking for low cost, last minute mores Friday is definitely a day to steer clear of. 

In addition, those moving on a Friday should be aware of complications with completion and transfer deadlines, which can be hard to resolve once the weekend hits.  As many businesses are closed on Saturday and Sunday, it can be hard to ensure everything is completed, especially when it comes to utilities and bank services. 


Saturday / Sunday

Whilst the weekend offers obvious advantage for movers, including time off work and more friends and family available to lend a hand, there are a few complications to be aware of.  

Much like Friday, the weekends can pose issues when it comes to payments, completions and transfers, due to bank and conveyancer closures at these times.  This can make moving on these days that much harder, as any issue would have to be resolved on the following Monday morning.