Like so many industries before it that thought change would pass them by, the removals industry is changing. Slowly for now, but change will soon come thick and fast.

With every year that passes, customers want their moving experience to be that bit slicker. That bit more flexible. 24/7. On demand. And this experience becomes steadily more difficult for mover business models to deliver.

At buzz, we are committed to evolving the process of moving home from one end to the other. Our comparison platform buzzmove gives home movers a moving experience tailored to their location and needs: the same kind of personalised experience they are used to when booking a taxi or ordering a pizza. But this is not the only way we’re building the future of removals.

Welcome to buzzsurvey

Our video technology buzzsurvey gives removal firms – and their home-move customers – an alternative to physical surveys.

Our video surveys save removal companies enormous time and fuel costs, and allow them to survey moving customers on-demand, at times that suit them, regardless of where they’re located.

buzzsurvey is available both on-demand and as a managed service. Our team of experienced surveyors can take care of surveys outside of normal working hours and at the weekends – meaning that you’re no longer constrained by the 9-5 working day or by personnel limits.


“It’s a great time saver. I don’t have to leave the office anymore to go out and do those long-distance surveys. Which also saves us money, of course.” Thomas Long, Transport Manager at TLC Movers

As part of our service on buzzmove, we aim to video-survey as many customers as possible. This adds as much value as possible to the leads you get via our platform, allowing you to focus on more important things – like sealing the deal.

Meet the Video Survey Team

The success of our outsourced surveys is down to the experience of our 8 full-time surveyors. We also have 3 remote surveyors who are based in other parts of the world to help provide us with full out-of-hours coverage.

Between them, our surveyors have over 100 years of real industry experience – gained at some of the world’s leading removal and relocation companies. We also have a Quality Control Officer who checks the quality of each and every survey we do. Say hi to the big guns:


Menno Martens, Head of Video Surveying

18 Years’ Experience

BAR Accredited

International Experience


Experienced Leader

Knack for Sales


Harry Utting, Implementation Manager

5 Years’ Experience

BAR Accredited

Nationwide Experience in the UK

Experienced in Move Management, Operations and Surveying

Knack for Building Customer Relationships


What do home movers think?

We think it’s important to get feedback from transferees because, after all, we can’t make life easier for removal companies if we’re not making it easier for their customers. Each time our surveyors finish a survey, the customer is given a few questions to answer. Here’s how the results currently stand:

Rate your surveyor – 4.87 out of 5

Video Quality – 4.66 out of 5

How likely are you to recommend a video to a friend? – 4.75 out of 5

Want to try a free demo of buzzsurvey in your business?

There’s no cost. It takes an average of 20 mins to run through all the features and benefits – Click here to claim your FREE demo today. For more information on buzzsurvey, check out our website and blog Behind the Lens.