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Kilauea spews lava 65 feet tall after void collapses upon Hawaiian volcano –

03.07.2011 · Posted in google news

VOLCANO, Hawaii — a new opening has non-stop during a single of the world’s most active volcanoes, promulgation lava sharpened up to 65 feet high, scientists during Kilauea volcano pronounced Sunday. The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory pronounced the crevasse tear was speckled before prolonged after the building during the Pu’u O’o void collapsed around 5 p.m. ...

Scientists guard latest eruptions during Hawaii volcano

03.07.2011 · Posted in yahoo news

HONOLULU — Scientists upon Sunday were closely monitoring heightened wake up at Kilauea Volcano upon a big Island of Hawaii, after a crevasse sent lava spewing 65 feet in a air. No homes were in jeopardy as well as no campers were injured, pronounced play belligerent rangers, though they cautioned visitors to still keep their stretch ...