6 steps to turn you into a packing superhero!

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Before the excitement of moving comes pain! The pain of packing everything you own! A daunting task for all and enough to bring a grown adult to tears…

…Fear not, the BuzzMove team are on hand to wipe away the tears and turn you into a packing superhero…

(1) Prepare early and make a list

As the old saying goes, there really is no time like the present. Don’t leave packing until the last minute. Create a detailed list and work through it methodically, step-by-step. By starting early you can break the task of packing your whole house into bitesize, manageable chunks.

(2) Make friends with your local dump & charity shop

As you are going through your house you will need to be brutal. Chuck or give-away anything that you feel is not worthwhile keeping. Keep your dumping pile separate or make a few trips to the dump before the packing operation begins.

(3) Materials at the ready

Go out and get all the packing essentials. You will need: A variety of strong boxes (specifically for packing), packing tape, scissors/knife, marker pens, labels and a whole lotta bubblewrap.

(4) Room by Room

Tackle the operation room by room. This way you will work quicker and more methodically. It also makes life a lot easier when moving in to your new house as all boxes will be room co-ordinated.

(5) Avoid spillage

Be sensible and don’t pack liquid/hazardous items with valuable goods, clothes or anything you don’t want ruined.

(6) Check out these bad-boys…

Here is Bourne’s Moves expertly produced ‘packing guide’…


You now possess all the packing powers you will ever need!

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