BuzzMove – The Who, What, Where, Why and How


The Who?

We are BuzzMove, a London based, heavily-invested, digital start-up on one hell of a mission…Our founding team consists of two serial entrepreneurs and one ex-lawyer (don’t judge)come removal entrepreneur. Add to that recipe, a team of industry and business experts and you get one hell of a dream team.

The What?

Europe’s first price comparison and online booking platform for home removals (and soon to be a whole lot more). We take the process of how removal companies work out your price in the real, physical, pen-and-paper world and we have brought it into the online, keyboard-tapping, instant world. It’s now a digital formula, comprised of 80+ clever pieces of algorithm…and it really is as simple as that! We only work with the best BAR accredited removal companies, therefore giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

The Where?

Based in the heart of London at Wayra’s great technology accelerator. Launching in London and the Greater London area. From there we will be driving our imaginary removal van nationwide and around the world. Watch this space!

The Why?

To bring the process of moving into the 21st century and make the moving experience better for everybody involved (dare I say enjoyable?). Movers, will avoid the hassle of choosing a reliable removal company and instead get instant, comparable quotes in minutes. Removal companies will receive paid for jobs and reap the many benefits of getting on-board.

The How?

For us it involved blood, sweat and tears (not really). For removal companies and home movers ‘its easy as  1,2,3′

BuzzMove – ‘Making Moving Easy’

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