Removals vs. Doing it yourself

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The sheer mention of the phrase ‘moving home’ is enough to send shivers down one’s spine, bad experiences in the past and all the commotion surrounding a move make it one of life’s most stressful events. The process is also a huge financial burden, with movers often spending a lot more than they had initially budgeted for. It is for this reason that many home movers decide to carry out the whole removals process themselves.

From our experience with movers in the past; this decision, more often than not ends up with disastrous results and ends up costing more money and time. Here are some common reasons why people do it themselves, and why booking a professional removal company can ensure you avoid some of these common pitfalls:

“I’ll save so much money if I do it myself”

The removals costs associated with a large house can often seem daunting, but these are often insignificant when compared with other such costs including Stamp Duty and Administration Fees. Your regular home mover will not be accustomed to moving some of the larger/more fragile items in a house and are often ill-equipped. This results in damage to important items – which in turn leads to additional costs. Removal companies are experienced in carrying out moves efficiently, safely and quickly so they will have refined their costs down saving you money and time.

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“Removals men don’t care about my precious possessions”

Removal companies have a reputation to uphold, as bad reviews can often destroy a company’s chance of being booked for a removals job. This is why all of Buzzmove’s removal companies are fully insured for your possessions, and they have the most suitable equipment to pack up any type of items you may have (which are safer than the ordinary mover will have lying around) e.g. specialist padded cases for televisions so they are not damaged during transit.

“I prefer to pack things myself so I know where everything is”

The majority of Buzzmove’s removal companies offer professional packing and unpacking of items that you have in your home. As they are all pre-vetted by our team, all of our companies will have the correct packing materials so that your items are safe whilst being transported. If you decide to opt in for professional packing, you’re still in control – our removals experts will only pack items that you have instructed them to and transport them accordingly so that you can easily set up in your new home.

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“I don’t have time for home surveys and estimations”

The time between signing for a property and the date of a move is getting smaller and smaller. This leaves less time for movers to organise their home move. Having removal companies come to your property for a home survey is also a lot harder to fit in at what can be a very busy time. This is where Buzzmove can save you a bundle of time – all of our removal companies have set their pricing using our algorithm so the price you receive for your unique inventory will be the price they agree to. As long as you have entered your details correctly, there is no need for the removal company to come to your property, so the whole booking process can be completed within a few minutes!

“Sales calls from removal companies are too disruptive for me to deal with”

Sales calls, from almost all companies can be extremely annoying and inconvenient to deal with. You’re forced to answer an ‘Unknown number’ in the hope that it is something important. Removal companies fighting and bidding for you to use them is now a thing of the past as Buzzmove removes this step from the moving process. All of our removal companies have set their relevant prices on the platform, so the unique prices that you receive will be the price you pay on the day. No one will be selling to you; the choice is completely up to you.

So what are you waiting for – plan and book your move online within minutes at !

3 thoughts on “Removals vs. Doing it yourself

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    If you are doing this its-self then you found its will really difficult every time you need some experience people for removals job.
    Try to Hire man and van service for this job.

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