Planning your move

How do I book my move?

The Buzzmove booking process could not be easier. Simply:

A. Tell us what, when and where you’re moving.
B. Compare 6 removal companies who have matched your preferences. Instant chat with the removal company to discuss your move or accept the price shown.
C. Book online, any time!

How do I access my account?

Simply register an account on Buzzmove to save the details of your move and come back to it any time, wherever you are. You can chat to a removal company on the Buzzmove platform once logged in.

My items is not in your inventory tool?

Although we try and cover all types of items that you may be moving, there are some we may not have considered. To resolve this, you have the option to create a bespoke item with a description and size dimensions so the removal company can identify what you are moving. We will happily then add this to our inventory tool at our next update.

How do I know the removal company is trustworthy?

All of our removal companies are insured and individually vetted by us. This means you will only see removal companies who are experienced and have the necessary equipment to move your items safely. You can also read customer reviews for each removal company to hear what people who have moved with them in the past have said about them.

Is Buzzmove available in my area?

We currently have full UK coverage to move all of your items.

How can I contact Buzzmove?

Our support number is (9am-6pm Monday to Friday). Alternatively, email us at or contact us via Twitter@buzzmoveHQ

Do I have to book my move months in advance

Not at all! Our removal companies are used to carrying out jobs at very short notice and they all set their job availabilities, so the removal companies you see are only the ones that can definitely carry out your move.

How do I know how many boxes to select

Our box guide will help you decide how many boxes will be suitable for your move as it provides typical guidelines from the industry. If you include professional packing in your move, the removal company will supply the boxes on the day of your move.

Pricing & Billing

How are prices calculated?

If you complete an inventory of what you are moving, removal companies can offer you an exact price based on the information you have provided. Alternatively, you can instant message a removal company with a description of what you are moving, to negotiate a price with them based on your move details. With either route you can book online quickly and easily.

How do I get the best price?

The more accurate you are with your descriptions and inventory, the more accurate your prices. This will avoid any additional costs on moving day and ensure the removal company is fully equipped for the job. You can also chat with the removal company to discuss any unique issues that your job may have so they are aware before they arrive.

How will I be charged for my move?

To secure your booking on Buzzmove, simply pay the displayed deposit via your Debit/Credit card or Paypal. The removal company will then contact you to confirm the details of your move and discuss how you will pay the outstanding balance directly to them (which depends on the pricing policy of each company).

Are there any additional charges?

As long as you have provided accurate information about your move, both Buzzmove and your chosen removal company will accept the price agreed at the point of booking. Charges for additional services e.g. packing will be included in the price that is shown to you for each respective removal company.

Additional Services

What is packing/unpacking?

The majority of our removal companies offer professional, industry approved packing and unpacking services so that moving day is slightly less stressful for you! Our customers often find that the experienced removals staff are much more time and space efficient when packing than they could have been themselves.

Can I purchase storage for my move?

You certainly can. We give you the option to confirm that storage will be required, and your removal company will then discuss the options and prices with you. We have often found that removal company prices for storage are much more reasonable than going to an external company.

Can I get boxes from Buzzmove?

If you select professional packing, the removal company will provide boxes on the day of your move so that you do not have to buy them yourself.

Making Changes

Can I contact the removal company?

Absolutely! We encourage you to contact the removal companies so that you can discuss your move details and raise any queries that you may have. Our instant chat feature allows you to talk to a removal company directly and even negotiate.

Can I cancel my move?

Yes, you can cancel up to 10 days before your move to get a refund. If you want to cancel within 10 days, then please refer to our cancellation policy to see how your booking is affected.

Can I change the details of my move?

We understand that circumstances can change before a move – so we encourage you to talk to your removal company as changes can often affect the price paid. We would recommend letting the removal company know as far in advance as possible of any changes so that they are aware and can discuss how to resolve the situation.

Once your move is booked

What should I do before my move?

As long as the removal company have confirmed with you that the job is okay, you have nothing to worry about. You can always review your move details at any time on our site to double check. For more top tips on moving, visit our handy guides.

Do I have to sign any paperwork?

To agree to the Buzzmove terms and conditions, simply read the document and tick the box online when booking. The removal company may have its own necessary paperwork including insurance, which is usually signed on the day of the move. The company will contact you regarding this when they confirm your details.

What should I do if something is damaged?

Damages should be taken up with the removal company who served you. They are all fully insured and will be able to advise on the next steps. We are available to assist with the process on our support line

What should I expect on moving day?

The removal company will contact you before the move to confirm the details and clear up any queries. You should expect the move to go seamlessly – our removal companies have had years of experience carrying out all kinds of moves.

Will I have to pay anything extra on moving day?

Unless the volume of your items is extremely different to what you had initially told the removal company, they will stick to the price agreed on Buzzmove when you booked so you will have no surprise payments on the day.

How do I leave feedback/review for the removal company?

We encourage customers to leave reviews for the removal companies they use so that other members can make informed decisions about who moves their possessions. Once your job is complete, you will be sent a review link so that you can leave your honest responses on our platform.

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