Moving house tips

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Environmentally Friendly Relocating Tips

Your move date is rapidly approaching and there’s still a lot to do. So why add another thing to the list like being eco-friendly? Because y...Read more

Top Tips for a House Viewing

A house viewing can be a stressful yet rewarding part of the moving home process. The average time it now takes for a house viewing is just ...Read more

Removals vs. Doing it yourself

The sheer mention of the phrase 'moving home' is enough to send shivers down one’s spine, bad experiences in the past and all the commotion ...Read more

Money saving tips when moving

When you’re moving house, you will be faced with a lot of different removal costs and you may find that moving costs appear to be much highe...Read more

Moving with children

Kids are trying at the best of times. But when moving house, your little darlings can be terrors. If you’re preparing for a London house rem...Read more

Moving with pets

After death and divorce, moving home tends to be one of life’s most stressful events. Organising your move can be not only difficult but dema...Read more

Packaging tips

Packing up all your possessions prior to a home move is often a lengthy process and a logistical nightmare (especially if you have young chi...Read more

Tips for making an offer

Don’t be afraid to take pictures when viewing properties, especially of rooms that are not extensively covered in listings. This allows you ...Read more