Stocking fillers for home movers


If you’re one of those who have just moved home over Christmas or if you’re preparing to move just after Christmas, this week’s mood board will be of special interest for you! You might not have had enough time to buy all your Christmas presents this year with all the stress around your move, so we thought we would give you some ideas of what to fill the stockings with this year!

Skärmavbild 2013-12-17 kl. 17.01.45If you and your family have just moved you might want to fill your stockings with gifts that will make your new house feel more like home. Anything saying ‘Home Sweet Home’ that you can put up somewhere in your new house is a great start for making it feel more homey. If you don’t already have enough of Christmas decorations, or if you haven’t had time to decorate yet, this can be a great gift and you can spend the rest of the day decorating. Another good gift are picture frames, so that you can fill your walls with pictures of family and friends, to feel more at home in a your new place. Something else that can be needed if you’ve just moved are also some things for the house, as for example bowls and candles that match the style of your new home. A book with some house inspiration is also a great gift to anyone who’s just moved. And lastly, Champagne and macaroons, who would not want this for Christmas? Recent house mover or not, this is usually a safe card! Happy Holidays!


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