The Stress of Moving Home

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Buzzmove’s study of 2000 people concerning the moving home process produced some surprising results that even shocked us! We were taken aback at how much stress people were put through, with 41% claiming it was the most stressful activity they had experienced in their life – ahead of having major surgery (15%), getting married (13%), and even getting divorced (14%)!!

 The Stress of Moving Home

Here are some of the main stresses that people interviewed encountered with their moves:

55% said packing items was the most stress-inducing element of the process.

From our experience with home movers, we know that people often underestimate just how long it will actually take to pack up all of their treasured items. From clothes to kitchen utensils, packing can seem like an endless chore which is more often than not a mad rush at the end. No longer will you be unprepared on the day of your move – the majority of Buzzmove’s removal companies offer professional packing and unpacking services so that this is an extra weight off your shoulders come moving day. In addition, professional packing ensures that only industry approved packing materials are used so that your items will be transported safely and efficiently.

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32% are worried that precious items will be damaged by movers.

Removal companies and ‘man with a van’ companies do not always have the best reputation amongst home movers and many will have had bad experiences in the past. With Buzzmove, you can rest assured that your possessions will be in safe hands. All of our removal companies are industry accredited and fully insured, meaning they have passed all the relevant validation processes. Years of experience in the industry also ensure that all types of moves are catered for and that only the correct equipment is used when transporting items so that nothing is damaged during transit.

29% had concerns about the overall cost of the move.

The whole moving home process is definitely not cheap, especially for a large household. However, customers can be clever about how they allocate budgets so that it doesn’t have to break the bank. The Buzzmove platform allows you to instantly compare prices from our removal companies so that you can pick and choose which is most relevant to you. These costs will not change on the day of your move, so you’ll have no unexpected surprises. In addition, using a removal company with professional packing and boxes included is often cheaper than buying all of this material yourself as the removal companies are able to source these materials in bulk, and therefore much more cheaply.

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17% would be worried about the removers being late on the day of the move.

Delays and late arrivals are additional nuisances that home movers could do without, on what is already an extremely stressful day. It is for this reason that the Buzzmove platform allows removal companies to set their exact availability, so that if you book their services, they will arrive at the time you booked – and no later.

13% found filling in removal company inventory forms too lengthy and tedious.

Inventory lists and forms are often time consuming for both customers and removal companies to trawl through. Buzzmove’s unique inventory tool is much more interactive and easy to use – simply drag and drop what you are moving and our algorithm will calculate the exact price of your quotes. This diminishes the need for home surveys, and allows you to book within minutes from the comfort of your own home.

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So what are you waiting for – plan and book your move online within minutes at !

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  1. Robert Pace

    Time is the main constraint that make me opt for home and office movers along with packing. Also we could make sure that all packing and moving works are done with the highest level of professionalism.

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