Decorate your home for Christmas


December is here and it’s only three weeks until Christmas, which means that it’s time to dig out all those Christmas boxes and start decorating your home. For some, the thought of starting to decorate the house is something boring that will take up way too much of the weekend, but it doesn’t have to be like that! Make decorating your house something fun that you can do with the whole family or with your friends. Put on your favorite Christmas carols, heat up some mulled wine and serve some early Christmas food to get everyone in the right mood while you dig down in the boxes and start decorating. If you’re moving just before Christmas, this is a great way to get your mates over to help with the unpacking. Just tell them about the Christmas decorating, mulled wine and food and leave out the fact that you have some more boxes you need help with..


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This week’s mood board gives you a feeling of how you can decorate your home this Christmas. When it comes to Christmas there is no right or wrong, and remember more is more! Light a lot of candles all over the house, and your home will immediately feel more cosy. Also remember that this is the season for food so use food for decoration, we assure you that this will be appreciated by both family and friends. Lastly the colour of Christmas is dominantly red but also mix in some green and gold for your perfect colour combination.



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