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Office removals may sound like something that can be planned in a day and that you easily can do yourself, but there is just as much planning and organising that goes into office removals as a normal house move. Therefore it is important to plan and organise your move well in advance, just as you would when moving house.

To help you on the way we have created a little list for you with some advice on what not to do when moving offices.

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- Don’t move too far away
So you are planning on undergoing an office removal, perhaps your number of employees are increasing or your lease is coming to an end and it’s time to start thinking about where you should move to. When you start researching new offices, try to think about your daily office routines, do you and the rest of the employees have a lot of meetings, and if so where are these meetings taking place. If you’re used to inviting people to your office for meetings or if you’re regularly having meetings at someone else’s office, try to look for a place in the same area so that you can continue your daily working routines as smooth as possible. Also try to take into account where everyone in the office is commuting from, the decision on where your new office will be might have a huge impact on someones daily commute if you decide to look for an office in a different area.

- Don’t try to do it yourself
As we mentioned earlier, office removals are more similar to a house move than you might think. Just as when you’re moving house, it’s always better to take help from professionals when it comes to your move than trying to do it yourself. Keep all your employees happy and take in a trusted removal company that are experienced with office removals and know how to handle all your equipment. So if you’re looking to book your office removal, visit buzzmove where you can compare quotes from trusted removal companies and book online today.

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- Don’t wait until the last minute
We know we’ve said it before and we will say it again, when it comes to moving, planning and organising is the key to a successful move. So when you start thinking about moving office, begin with creating an office removals team that will include the people who will plan the move, choose people who are good with organisation and who you trust. This team will be responsible for everything regarding the move, such as researching and finding a new office space, deciding when the move will take place, setting up a budget, finding the right removal company etc. Make sure you keep update with what the office removals team are planning so that you ensure that they have everything planned well in advance so that everything goes as smooth as possible when it’s time to move.

- Don’t exclude your employees
It’s also important that you communicate with your staff about what is about to happen, and let them know well in advance that you will be moving, and when the move will take place. Keep them informed with everything that is happening, as moving office can be as stressful as moving house. This is also a good time to listen to your employees and co-workers opinions, and see what they want. Set up a meeting with everyone in your office where you discuss the move, see if anyone has any request about where you should move and also see if your staff has any ideas on what they would like the new office to look like

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- Don’t bring everything
Take this opportunity to clear out all your old documents and paperwork to make sure that you don’t bring a lot of unnecessary things with you to the new office. If you are planning on redecorating your new office, also try to sell or give away some of your office chairs and desks that you no longer need.

- Don’t forget to disconnect, reconnect and redirect
Just as when you are moving house, office removals also means that you have to remember to redirect your post, cancel the services you no longer need, such as newspapers and cleaners, and also disconnect and reconnect telephones and computers. While you’re undergoing the move have your office phone calls forwarded to your mobile and have your staff working from laptops if possible, while your computers are being transported and reconnected.

Once you’ve set up your office removals team, recommend them to visit buzzmove where they can book a removal company and tick off the first thing on their list.


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3 thoughts on “Office removals – what not to do when moving office

  1. Marta A. Price

    I do really suggest this one that when it comes to shifting it is really advantage to seek an advice to professional to avoid waste of time and effort. Thank you for this informative post.

    1. Joe Sumray

      We completely agree with you Marta, it’s always best to seek professional help when moving, home or office, to make it less stressful and make sure everything works well. Thanks for your comment! :)

  2. Man and Van Guildford

    In the above articles all the things about the office well define and one thing I mention there now I’m able to understand how can I shift my house from the removals company.

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