Time for a house-warming party?


With the weather getting warmer and summer finally arriving, it’s time for the house-warming parties to start! Summer is peak moving house season, and what better time to throw a house-warming party than in the summer?

As house-warming parties are one of the best things with moving home (anything that has the word party tends to get high up on these lists) we’ve decided to collect some of our favorite inspiration pictures to give you some tips and tricks for how best to rock your next house-warming party! Enjoy :)

 Buzzmove - House-warming partyBuzzmove - house warming partyc0955ebf876f09f6a2f0fba273f8889f(Photograph: Julian Hawkins/Rex Features)

What’s a British summer without a BBQ? Not only is a BBQ a summer favourite, but it’s also perfect for summer housewarming parties! Keep the party relaxed and let people take their food straight from the grill and prepare a buffet with the different toppings and sides. We especially love the idea of the cold beers in the wheelbarrow, but if you don’t have one of those you can also fill buckets with ice to keep drinks cold for your guests.

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Another not so obvious house-warming party theme is to throw a movie night house-warming, which is a great alternative if you want to do something less formal to celebrate moving into your new home. If you have a garden, take the opportunity to change it into an outdoor home cinema! Put out a buffet with popcorn, candy and drinks and let people take their own blankets and pillows to place wherever they want to sit.

Buzzmove - House warmingBuzzmove - House Warming PartyBuzzmove - house warmingBuzzmove - House warmingBuzzmove - house warming

If you would prefer to celebrate your new home with a bang, why not arrange a proper sit-down dinner as your house-warming party? If you have a garden, bring a table and some chairs outside and you’re all set! We love the idea of hanging lights in trees and over the table, this works especially well if you’re doing a dinner, if you prefer to throw a house-warming lunch, try hanging lamp shades or balloons over the table. We also love the idea of using flowers from your own new garden as decorations on the tables!

155ae977ac4beccc23c793150c63b35ed2bc38da4aa1eef46b2802fc402c7531Buzzmove - House WarmingBuzzmove - House Warming partyBuzzmove - house warming 16.01.58785bda7be5a2ac89728d5a9e431ad546

If you’re inviting a lot of people or don’t feel like planning a proper dinner party, why not throw a finger food and drinks house-warming party! All you need to do is to prepare some bread and olives and other snacks as well as some mini foods, to go with a lot of cold nice drinks and the party is ready to start!

BuzzmoveSkärmavbild 2014-06-13 kl. 16.57.07Skärmavbild 2014-06-13 kl. 16.59.07

If you’re planning on having children at your party, make sure your party is kids friendly. Let the kids have their own separate table to sit at and try to organise some activities to keep them occupied, this will make both kids and parents enjoy the party!

For more tips and house-warming inspiration, check out our Pinterest board which is full of inspiration for how to throw an amazing house-warming party!

So if you’re thinking of moving house and throwing a house-warming party, check out buzzmove where you can book your move online quick and easy, so you have time to start planning the party!


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