What (not) to Fear When Moving House

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If you try googling ‘moving house horror stories’ you will see the endless possibilities of nightmare scenarios that await you. Everything from stolen items, burning moving vehicles, beloved objects held to ransom and no-show companies litter blogs of desperate people. Some issues are more common than other so we have put together a little list of things you can do to set your mind at ease.

It is important to remember that a move is not to be feared but to be celebrated. By booking with a trusted removals company you can be sure that your belongings are safe. All of the companies listed on Buzzmove are fully-insured, accredited and pre-vetted to minimise the risk to you; everyone is committed to making your move as stress-free as possible.

Late Arrivals What (not) to Fear When Moving House

Late Arrivals

Problem: Some removal companies on specify a day or a ten hour window of when they will start the move. For most people there are more factors at play, often tenants will find they have to move out and in between quite small time windows. It can be extremely frustrating and stressful if moves are delayed, particularly if it is long distance and adds a day onto the travel time. Not to mention that it can give a bad impression to new landlords.

Solution: When you book with Buzzmove you can choose a window of an hour within which you wish to book. The removal company will be given the postcode you entered and a map of the local area so there should be no delay because of poor directions.

Misjudged Materials Men and Van Space What (not) to Fear When Moving House

Misjudged Materials, Men and Van Space

Problem: When quotes are given over the phone it can be difficult for removal companies to give you an accurate quote. If they underestimate the volume of items that need moving this can mean they have to raise the price you were originally told. But this doesn’t happen just once; the price has to be go up for the van space required, number of men and time they take to load your stuff and the amount of packing materials needed. This can mean quite a big difference.

Solution: Instead of relying on a ballpark figure given by the number of bedrooms you have and a guess of how cluttered your house is compared to other peoples, try out our inventory tool. Not only does this mean that your removal company will have a complete idea of how much they need to move but you will have a checklist of items for after your move has happened.

Problems with Packing What (not) to Fear When Moving House

Problems with Packing

Problem: The most common problem here is people underestimating how tricky this is. Some items need particular materials so that their surfaces don’t get scratched or tarnish while others need their insides packed as well as their outsides wrapped. It can all become a bit much and running out of packing materials is a common problem.

Solution: One quick fix is to add Professional Packing as an additional service to your move plan with Buzzmove. However, if you feel more comfortable doing this yourself then remember that anything can be packing materials. Just check out Alex’s blog about awesome alternative packing ideas. Heavier items should always go in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger ones; you will regret making this mistake (especially if you lift with your back instead of your knees). Wrap up the legs of sofas and tables with softer surfaces as these can get a little scratched in the van.

Damage or Loss of Property What (not) to Fear When Moving House

Damage or Loss of Property

Problem: Scratched sofas are the least of your worries. The most fragile items can often be the most sentimental ones so a cracked vase or a shattered photo frame means that much more than the cost of replacement. However most people find that the worst loss is that of photos from their past. Particularly if there are no digital copies.

Solution: Always start by booking with one of the many fully-insured removals companies available in the UK. We recommend BAR companies as they are always fully-insured, accredited and have to subscribe to a best practice code of conduct regarding your precise possessions. Anything that you can make digital copies of please do, this will preserve their posterity and provide you you with some security. When moving house you want to make sure that nothing is at risk.

No Response to Claims1 What (not) to Fear When Moving House

No Response to Claims

Problem: Uninsured companies often dodge customer complaints until the waiting period for registering damage has passed so that they are no longer liable to repay your loss. Those who are insured may be concerned of rises in their fees if they repeatedly come across claims and are not insured to high amounts.

Solution: Always ask for proof of level of insurance and read the terms and conditions. Make sure to take photos of all previously-existing scratches or dents on precious items and examine them again once the move is completed. As a rule of thumb, submitting claims within 48 hours should be sufficient for your claim to stand but do confirm. All removal companies on the Buzzmove website are fully-insured and highly-researched on your behalf. No companies with unresolved complaints of theft, damage or inappropriate conduct are allowed onto the platform and they will be removed as soon as these are identified.


The Conclusion What (not) to Fear When Moving House

The Conclusion

Be smart! Finding the right home for you can be tough enough, moving house and into the new phase of your life should be as smooth as possible. The right mover for you is out there so do your research and compare quotes and services. Bear in mind to avoid the false economy; a cheaper initial quote does not necessarily mean that the move will be cheaper in the end.

So choose Buzzmove for peace of mind. All removal companies are pre-vetted, fully-insured and committed to making your move as simple and easy as possible.


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Credit to New Old Stock for the beautiful 1890s shots that illustrate this blogpost.

2 thoughts on “What (not) to Fear When Moving House

  1. Amy Cole

    As a wife, which husband is in the military, we’ve made a lot of moves. Through the years of constant moving from place to place, I’ve learned that the less you have the easier the move is. So, I’ve gotten rid of everything and started over except for must haves. Of course, having a good moving company to your side is a plus as well.

  2. House Moving

    Moving day is an exciting start to a new chapter in your life. However, it can also be stressful if you leave everything until the last minute. Fortunately, there a few ways to make the experience as smooth as possible. Plan and pack ahead of time to help you move more efficiently. Organize your move with labels and lists. Moving companies may also help you by providing the best resources as well for a smooth transition to your new home.

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