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No matter if you’re about to move house, recently moved, or if you just feel like freshening up your home, the coastal style is perfect for summer. Take some time off from researching removal companies and packing boxes and decorate your home with some inspiration from the coast!


Buzzmove Coastal Living Decorate your new home Coastal living

To get the ultimate coastal style to your new home, focus on decorating with blue and white colours and add in some wooden details. A white sofa is a good start and it’s something that doesn’t only match the coastal style but which will go well with other styles if you decide to change your home decor for winter. For smaller details that are easier to change depending on season go all out with white and blue and try some proper ‘coastal’ decorations such as sea stars and shells as well as white and blue cushions with coastal patterns. Wall art is something else that easily can be changed depending on season, so try to find something that really reflects the coastal style. Even though this is a summer decor, we still want to add this cosy beach house feeling to the room, which is done by a table lamp with dimmed light and some lantern candles. The rest of the main pieces of furniture (the coffee table, footstool and rug) like the sofa are not as easy to change as the smaller details so try to get these with neutral patterns in blue, white and wood.

We hope these tips have been helpful and that you get some inspiration from our moodboard to help inspire you to decorate your own home with the coastal style. We love hearing your thoughts, so let us know what you think!

And if you’re planning on decorating your new house with the coastal style, let us help you with the move while we leave you to decorate! Plan and book your move online instantly at buzzmove.

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