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If one was to hear “Richmond”, there is a plethora of adjectives that could be conjured up. Picturesque, grand, tranquil and even the infamous Fenton. However, the preconceptions about the affluence of the area often undermine the host of other qualities that it brings to the capital.

So could Richmond be the potential location for you to move to? Let’s find out:

LOCATION. Richmond is located in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, in South West London. It is close enough to Central London via good train links (District, Overground and Piccadilly lines) but also far enough to enjoy vast stretches of protected greenery. It is the only London Borough which is located on both sides of the Thames so offers plenty of scenery (and an aquatic form of transportation if needed!). These perks do come at a price, Richmond is at present one of the most expensive areas to live in London other than extremely central locations.

WINING AND DINING. From quintessential independent cafés to grand international cuisine restaurants, Richmond offers the ultimate combination for all foodies. Aside from the riverside pubs, some of the more notable establishments in the area include Q Verde, Maki, The Greyhound and La Buvette. The Richmond farmers market is also a firm local favourite, starting at 11am every Saturday.

SCENERY. As the borough is situated in such close proximity to the river, the views and greenery are one of the main reasons that this suburb has become so popular and in demand in recent years. The juxtaposition between the busy city lifestyle and the tranquil open spaces makes this area ideal for people with hectic work schedules who can relax under the scenic backdrop. Richmond Park is the most well-known of the parks – spanning over almost 2500 acres. Our words will not do this park justice so instead have a look at the picture link below for some truly spectacular photographs of the wildlife that is present there.


SCHOOLING. Richmond is very much a family orientated area and is therefore very accommodating in terms of educational facilities. Primary schools in the area are held in high regard and are therefore fairly competitive for places. The secondary schools in the area are all exceptionally well received by OFSTED reports, some of the more notable ones including Christ’s School and Richmond Park Academy.

CELEBRITY HOTSPOT. A typical Richmonder wouldn’t even bat an eyelid if they were to see a celebrity roaming around the area as it has become a somewhat hub for recognised people to be seen. You may happen to bump into some familiar faces including Richard Attenborough, Nick Frost, Mo Farah and even Brangelina! (who rented in Richmond and even popped into the local Odeon – we’re assuming it wasn’t to watch one of their own films).
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