5 Best Apps for your Home

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Buzzmove has compiled a list of our top 5 mobile/tablet applications for use around the house; all designed to make life much easier and quicker. We’d love to hear about some of your favourites that aren’t on here, so please leave your comments below!


Homestyler1 5 Best Apps for your Home

Homestyler is the perfect app for visualising what a room could look like in 3D with furniture and fittings you may have considered buying. Visually seeing how a new item would look in a room can save you both time and money, as opposed to going back and forth to buy and return items. You can even flick through professional portfolios for inspiration if your creative juices aren’t flowing!

Homestyler on Google Play
Homestyler on iTunes

Cookpad Recipes

Cookpad 5 Best Apps for your Home

Cookpad brings you the cooking community app, allowing you to post your own recipes with pictures, or gain inspiration from others. From small family recipes, to extravagant Michelin style dishes, you’ll never be lost for choice with this app. One of the top features: list what ingredients you have, get suggestions for relevant dishes.

Cookpad on Google Play
Cookpad on iTunes

iHandy Carpenter

iHandy Carpenter 5 Best Apps for your Home

Even the best of us misplace items from our toolbox, which can be a pain when you’re halfway through putting up a shelf. Luckily iHandy Carpenter has 5 great accurate features at your fingertips including: a plumb bob, a spirit level, a surface level, a steel protractor and a steel ruler!

iHandy Carpenter on Google Play
iHandy Carpenter on iTunes


Snapguide 5 Best Apps for your Home

The perfect app for some Sunday activity; Snapguide provides some truly unique ideas to pass the time and make some incredibly cool things. So if you want to learn ‘how-to’ for a number of different categories including recipes, DIY, fashion ideas and general lifehacks – Snapguide is the app for you!

Snapguide on iTunes

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk1 5 Best Apps for your Home

The simple yet effective to-do list app, Remember the Milk, is ideal for the family to use across all devices and comes packed with a host of useful features. Organising your to-do list has never been easier, and you can assign tasks with priorities, dates, tags, other users and much more. Gone are the days of post-it notes on fridge doors!

Remember the Milk on Google Play
Remember the Milk on iTunes

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