Student Movers – What You Need to Know

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If you’re a student and looking to move, this can often seem like a daunting process. Moving house, and possibly city or country will be one of the biggest steps you take in your life, so you’re not alone in being slightly worried!

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You may feel anxious about your imminent move, but remember millions of people have gone through this process before and subsequently there are many professional student movers out there willing to lend a helping hand. Luckily, their staff are experienced in handling a range of moves, from small scale local to international relocations. What’s more, the majority of student movers understand that students may be restricted by a small budget, and therefore charge affordable and competitive prices to accommodate the seasonal moves.


Every student will have their own preference with regards to the student mover that they choose; and this is why Buzzmove allows you to filter removal companies according to your preferences. So if you’re looking for a removal company by proximity, price, reviews or ratings – use the Buzzmove platform. You can get the moving quotes from these companies quickly and then decide which company to go for.


The majority of UK University term times fall within close proximity of each other, so it is important to secure student movers in advance so that you’re not rushing nearer the time. It’s also wise to pack your clothes and larger items up as soon as you can so that you have a rough idea of how much space you’ll need and what the best way to arrange items will be.


Moving day will inevitably be a busy one, so it is important that you are sufficiently prepared for when the day arrives. Make sure you have your essentials in a separate bag (ideally a rucksack) that you can easily carry with you. The main items we’d suggest are toiletries, snacks and electrical chargers but this list is dependent on what your specific needs are. It’s good practice to label your boxes/luggage so that you have easy access to items once you have moved in (try and label more than one side of a box as you can’t always plan how they’ll be stacked up). If you’re lucky, student movers will have a spare seat in their van so that you can travel with them and save on paying this expense yourself, so it is important to confirm if this is available before moving day.

Are you student movers1 Student Movers – What You Need to Know

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