The Hidden Costs of Moving Home

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The Hidden Costs of Moving Home


Moving home is often a very busy and hectic time, so it is important to ensure your costs do not slowly pile up leaving you in trouble after your move is complete. After all, moving home is meant to be an enjoyable experience!

We highly recommend planning your move 2 months in advance (or if this is not possible, then as soon as you know you will be moving) so you can be prepared but also create a buffer budget for those costs you didn’t account for.

Some of the main considerations for your budget before the move include:

Stamp Duty
Conveyancing Fees
Estate Agent Fees
Legal Fees
Fixtures & Fittings

Moving home and booking a removal company does not have to be as expensive as you may have expected. Buzzmove’s removal companies are all experienced and accredited but understand that they have to provide the best value to their customers. We recommend planning your move on our platform once you have confirmed a move date – you can then chat with removal companies on our platform to negotiate the best price and eventually book your agreed price directly on the site.

Our removal companies offer professional packing and unpacking (in which case boxes will be provided). This saves you both time and money come moving day. Alternatively, you can buy your own boxes from storage companies, Moving Services Removals Ltd or get them for free from your local supermarket.

It is possible that you will need to get your old home cleaned for inspection before you leave – hectic schedules mean it is often easier to hire professional cleaners who can work on an hourly rate and will use professional equipment to get it all sorted efficiently.

To book your move the smarter way – visit Buzzmove now!

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  1. Vishnu Swaroop

    Good information share about moving house . As per my opinion for better services of moving house and stuffs you can contact our company.

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