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Camden Town is awash with the sights, sounds and smells from every culture imaginable. They don’t do things by the book here. Who would’ve thought outdoor markets would thrive all year round in British weather. This is what drives the appeal of the area though; it’s far from the most glamorous scene to be in, but “alternative” enough to attract a significant amount of tourism and loyal visitors from all over the city. Through the heart of Camden Town runs the Regent’s Canal, providing a tranquillity which nicely offsets the hubbub from the markets and high street.

- So what do some of the locals think of this thriving community:

“It’s a special place for me because I’ve grown up here. I think it’s the most famous place in London!”

“It’s got a different mix of people. Ethnic and diverse compared to Belfast, where I lived before.”

“There are lots of tourists so it’s always busy, mostly in summer.”

Where is it?

Camden Town is very accessible via public transport – aside from the Camden Road Overground station, the three large underground stops nearby are Camden Town, Kentish Town and Mornington Crescent. There is an extensive bus network in the area, most notably the 24, 134 and C2; with a large proportion of all the bus services running 24 hours for when you need to get back home without forking out a ridiculous cab fare.

What to do

One thing we can guarantee about Camden Town is that you won’t be short of activities to partake in, some a little wackier than others. Here are some of our favourites:

Canal Cruises – the route along the Regent’s Canal is a beautiful one, especially in summertime during peak tourism. The canal cruises are perfect for family or romantic days out, with a one way trip taking just under an hour.

Oddballs – this fantastic store is probably the most colourful you’ll come across (it’s difficult to even pick out our bright blue B!). They specialise in a wide variety of juggling equipment, but also stock unicycles, yoyos and skateboards to name a few. Perfect if you’re looking to take up a new hobby or even rediscovering an old one (did someone say purple rollerblades??)

Cyberdog – it would be pretty difficult to miss the gigantic robots positioned in front of Cyberdog; although that being said, something like this barely looks out of place in Camden. Cyberdog is certainly a very niche store, centring around rave culture clothing and accessories – it has gained a large following in this scene, not only in London but also clubbing capital Ibiza.

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The markets in Camden are undeniably one of the key visitor attractions, and welcome not only people from London, but also nationwide. There’s something for everyone here, and even if you’re not after a bargain – the hubbub around these markets is a great atmosphere to be in and meet like-minded people. The markets are all in close proximity, the most famous ones being: The Camden Market, Camden Lock Market and Stables Market. There is a huge array of items sold at these markets, a lot of which tends to be in line with the alternative feel of the area; you would be hard pressed to find such a myriad of thrift stores, antiques and jewellery stands elsewhere in London.  Alalamba (Stables Market) is a gloriously colourful store specialising in Turkish lamps and mosaic plates; perfect gifts to give or even keep in your own home to add some brightness. Another of our favourites was King’s prints, which offered a large collection of books and fine bone china.

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Nightlife and Food

Shaka Zulu – a South African themed restaurant by day and a bustling bar by night. It hosts a brilliant atmosphere where you can find staff even dressed in traditional South African clothing surrounded by wooden sculptures. (It’s even got escalators inside! What other club in London could offer you that?) For the best in new music, KOKO and the Electric Ballroom are our top recommendations, especially on the weekends, offering very reasonable pricing. The music scene in the area has seen a constant rise and was where the late Amy Winehouse resided during the peak of her career.

The World’s End pub is actually the inspiration for the film with the same name, it’s where Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright used to socialise during the ‘Spaced’ days. Alongside its already loyal customer base, the film has helped boost the pub and area’s visitors in the last year.

Our favourite quaint little tea shop, Yumchaa serves up a humongous list of tea flavours to try including Soho Spice, Chilli Chilli Bang Bang and Gentle Giant. Poppies has become a Camden Town favourite – once named the Best Independent Fish and Chip Restaurant in the UK! Not only is the food exceptional, but the restaurant is 1940s themed, with a fully functional vintage jukebox! Free live music takes place on Friday and Saturday evenings too, what more could you need?

The markets do often have the most variety of cuisines to try, so it is definitely worth exploring the area before deciding on what to eat!

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Finding a home

Residency in Camden Town is almost unanimously made up of flats, not surprising considering how little space there actually is in the area. To rent an average sized flat would cost you just under £500 per week, which isn’t too steep for people planning short term residencies here. To buy a flat, on the other hand, would cost you on average £783,333 at present. The area has seen a lot of long term investment in property in recent years as it continues to be a hotspot for tourism and short-term tenancies.


Education in Camden is of an exceptionally high standard, and is in fact one of the most influential factors attracting families into and around the area. As of 2012, Camden’s Education Authority was recorded as OFSTED’s best quality Primary Schooling district in the country. Some of the notable schools include Cavendish School, Primrose Hill and Hawley. Secondary schooling in Camden has also become nationally recognised in the last two decades as a benchmark for schools in the capital. The Camden School for Girls, Regent High School and Haverstock School are some of the most well-known.  The Open University’s regional centre is based just off the High Street and is often the best point of call for services regarding the university.


So, is Camden Town the place for you?

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