Planning and Storage Solutions for a House Move

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Moving house can be one of the top 5 most stressful activities for an individual. And it is no surprise considering just how much activity is involved, from finding the right property, to safely and securely packing and relocating your belongings. You and your whole family can be under pressure for a long time during the whole process, and it is therefore important to give yourself enough time to prepare. In order to go through the moving process more easily, here are a few suggestions that could be of help to you.
1. Do your research on removal companies
You want to pick a removal company that offers the best prices, while providing you with a quality service. The last thing you want is to find some of your items broken inside the moving van, after having carefully packed everything. Buzzmove’s removal companies will be reliable and offer you assistance and expert advice during the moving process – right through from packing to the actual transportation and self-storage.
2. Double check the finer details
The details of home moves are rarely set in stone – last minute changes from external parties such as estate agents and other members of the property chain can affect how you move. It is therefore important to always keep your removal company updated, in case your circumstances e.g. time or size of your move change.
3. Consider storage services
Unpacking and refurnishing your new home usually takes place soon after your removals job. This can be simple or difficult, depending on how well you organised the packing, whether boxes were labelled correctly and if the right boxes were put in the right places. One thing is for certain – the less you are moving into your new house, the easier it will be to unpack. Subsequently, people opt to put certain items such as furniture in storage. This will allow you to get settled first, and worry about the rest when you have time. Choosing the right storage company will save you a lot of stress, especially if you can acquire mobile self storage service. They will typically bring you a storage unit for you to fill up, drive it back to their storage facility and drive the unit back to you when you require it.
4. Downsizing your outdated interior
Moving house is often a fresh start, so a lot of people decide it is the right time to also redecorate the new property. Consider whether or not you should hold on to your old furniture, and if not, sell it before the move. This saves on wasted storage costs – people often leave items in storage only to then dispose of them later when they realise they have no need for them! Moving house can be a testing time for any family. But thanks to these simple strategies, you can make sure the whole process runs smoothly and causes as little stress as possible.
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