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Similarly to moving house, moving office can mean a new beginning and exciting opportunities! You might get to sit next to someone new, you will have new lunch places to explore and you might get to know new people (both in the office and in the area). But most importantly you might get a great new office, and this could be an opportunity to create the office you’ve always dreamt of.

Regardless of if you are the boss of the company or not, you can still share your opinion on how you would like your workspace to be designed, and especially if you’re going through an office removal as the office will need redesigning. For some inspiration we have created a list with some of the coolest office spaces in the world, which might give you an idea of how you would like your future office to look like. Feel free to forward the list to your fellow colleagues so you get some more backing for your suggestions.

Selgas Cano Architecture office in the woods near Madrid Spain

Selgas-Cano-Office-2381Selgas-Cano-Office-2885Selgas-Cano-Office-2507Selgas-Cano-Office-2939Images from: 

Peer 1 Hosting’s office in Southampton, UK.

DSC_1686-700x469photo-01-700x354DSC_1778-700x605Images from:

The Pixar office in Emeryville, California

pixar0Skärmavbild 2014-04-10 kl. 15.22.09gameroomImages from:

 White Mountain in Stockholm Sweden

White-Mountain-Office-1White-Mountain-Office-2Images from:

Inventionland Design Factory in Pittsburg

i9i6i2i1Images from

 The Lego office in Denmark

LEGO-office-interior-slide-collaboration-areaLEGO-Walkway-Slide-Meeting-BoothsLEGO-office-meeting-table-bonsaiGiant-LEGO-man-wall-muralRed-green-games-roomImages from: 

Innocent’s office in London

Innocentping-pong_173485kImage from:  (Tom Stockhill) 

Wayra’s office in London (where we had the honour to work for 9 months)

london_academy2ndsightimag0398Image source:

Google offices all over the world – the ultimate playground for adults

Google-Zurich3215_F4_meeting_informal-700x525087_F1_massage-700x525248_F5_meeting_gondola-700x525278_F6_junglelounge-700x525282_F6_junglelounge-700x464Google20022-700x466P1200560-700x378P1200064-700x467P1190964-700x347P1200795-700x467P1200886-700x467124980-116e8d4d-1d5b-4608-9aea-e503ff1e3719-alanjensen_google_mg_3583-original-1395087544-700x466DOCKS_5Floor_4-700x466Images from

So if you are planning on moving offices, visit buzzmove where you can book your office removal online in minutes.  
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